My Portfolio as of 2020

Only 3 more weeks before the end of 2020!

Where did the year go? I have absolutely no idea. It’s crazy how the year just went by. And I’m hitting the big 40 next year. 🙁

That said, I started this blog in May 2020. Had to change my domain name in Aug 2020 as I received a cease and desist email because my original domain name was similar to another website. I was debating for a while if I should ignore it and continue or get a new domain name. I went with the latter, simply because I just wanted to move on and not get suck into the whole ordeal again.

And this bring me to my portfolio review at the end of 2020.

Comparison of my current portfolio with 2019 as of 14/12/2020.

Stock% Portfolio
% Portfolio
Action Taken
Singtel10.52%0.77%Reduce holdings
Frasers Property Ltd8.43%4.74%Reduce holdings
Manulife Reits10.56%7.16%
Frasers Centrepoint Trust2.57%5.59%Increase holdings with rights issue
Frasers Logistic Trust1.88%6.18%Merged with Frasers Com Trust
OCBC14.85%15.74%Increase holdings
DBS1.47%16.12%Increase holdings
IReits Global2.35%2.45%Increase holdings with rights issue
Mapletree NAC0.78%0.48%
Prime Reits2.63%8.43%Increase holdings
Frasers Com Trust5.08%0%Merged with Frasers Logistic Trust
Mapletree Industrial1.07%0%Sold
Mapletree Logistics2.72%0%Sold
Great Eastern6.59%0%Sold
Bukit Sembawang5.88%0%Sold
Lendlease Reit2.92%Added
Keppel Pacific Oak US4.17%Added
CromwellReit EUR3.91%Added

I’ve been trying to streamline my Singapore portfolio to be more of a dividend portfolio. So this year, I have been sold off most of the positions that didn’t align with that goal. And I added a lot of banks and REITs this year due to the market drop in March. This portfolio generated SGD$9,828 worth of dividend this year.

My Dividend portfolio consist of mainly REITs and Banks. Just like how the STI is (I’m kidding).

I’ve moved the growth component to overseas stocks and ETFs. Here’s a look at my overseas portfolio.

Stock% Portfolio
% Portfolio
Action Taken
Vanguard Energy ETF13.98%0%Sold
Vanguard Growth ETF10.50%11.34%Increase holdings
iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF36.53%18.34%Increase holdings
Autowealth39.00%27.88%Increase holdings
(monthly investment plan)
Ark FinTech18.17%Added
Ark Next Gen5.96%Added
(fortnightly investment plan)
Vanguard Value ETF13.37%Added

If you follow my blog, you would know that I cut loss with Vanguard Energy ETF and switch to Twitter.

I managed to increase holdings for Vanguard Growth ETF and iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF when market was down. Also partly due to the fact that I received my bonus in April. So I guess the bonus came at the right time when the market was down.

With Autowealth, I just continued investing every month.

I added Ark FinTech ETF when it was at all time high, and I’m sitting at a 20% profit as of now.

I added Ark Next Gen ETF using Kristal.AI platform to buy every 2 weeks. It is also at a over 20% profit at the moment.

I added Vanguard Value ETF because I believe there is a rotation from Growth to Value stocks happening.

I’m also really grateful that during this pandemic, I still had a job, and therefore was able to take advantage of the market drop and continue investing.

Lastly, I truly believe that time in market is better than timing the market.

2 thoughts on “My Portfolio as of 2020”

  1. Hi Suz,

    Just came across your blog recently and wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas, knowledge and experience in your journey to financial independence.

    Found your articles to be insightful, concise and succinct without overloading on the technical specificities, but yet balanced enough for readers to make their own conclusions.

    For our benefit, hope you would continue blogging! 😊😉

  2. Hi! I stumbled over your blog while trying to read up some info on CSPX. It’s not often to find women investors who are middle age mums blogging. I happen to fall under the same category as you.

    Perhaps you can also blog about financial literacy as to personal investing struggles as a working mum? 🙂

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