July 2022 Portfolio Update

I thought it would be interesting to do a Portfolio Update as haven’t done one since 2020. I think 2021 was the year I abandoned traditional finance for crypto. Let’s get to it.

Income Portfolio

Holdings% Allocation
Syfe REITs19%
SSB (Singapore Savings Bond)79.4%

I’m starting a Income Portfolio so that I get consistent income throughout the year. The holdings in this portfolio should be able to generate income even when the market is down.

Interesting numbers. Back in 2021, I pretty much sold all my bank and REITs stocks, to get into crypto. I have just started allocating money back to these.

The only difference is that instead of buying individual REITs stocks, I am using SYFE Robo advisor to dollar cost average (DCA) into the REITs+ portfolio every month. (Back to Basics: REITs Investing with SYFE Wealth)

As for DBS stock, I have just started using OCBC BCIP (OCBC BCIP Review) to DCA every month, hence the low allocation for now.

I have bought a lot of SSB since May 2022, because of the higher interest rates. (Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) Aug 2022 at 3%- Should you buy?)

Growth Portfolio

Holdings% Allocation
Vanguard Growth ETF9.75%
Vanguard Value ETF13.49%
Ark FinTech5.49%
Ark Innovation4.72%
Virgin Galactic0.70%
Hang Seng Tech ETF8.47%
Endowus Dimension Global Core Equity Fund4.02%
AutoWealth 80/20 Portfolio50.08%

I had no idea I had this many ETFs/Stocks until I wrote this post. I bought most of the these (with the exception of Hang Seng Tech and Syfe SP500) back in 2019-2020. And I haven’t really looked at them since. I probably need to consolidate these in the future, so that I have lesser ETFs/stocks to manage.

I have DCA monthly into Hang Seng Tech ETF since last year using the OCBC BCIP.

With Autowealth, I have been DCA-ing every month since 2019. (Autowealth Review: 3 Years On)

And I have recently started DCA-ing Dimension Global Core Equity Fund using Endowus.

Crypto Portfolio

Holdings% Allocation
Stablecoin (USDC, BUSD)95%

I have sold off most of my crypto holdings after the Luna crash, some at a loss, some with profit, such that overall, I still profited from this asset class.

I have been thinking more about the use cases for crypto and how crypto derives value. I think with crypto, it is either you believe it or you don’t. And at the moment, I’m just waiting until Sep, before I look into getting back into crypto. And even then, I think I don’t have as much conviction as I had in 2021, because of all that’s happened.

Anyway here’s a overall % of all the portfolios.

As you can see, at the moment, I am sitting at a lot of stablecoins. I might just withdraw 50% of it to buy the dip in some stocks and ETFs. We’ll see.

As always, I am grateful that I still have a job, and therefore still able to DCA my way in this market condition.