Autowealth Review: 2 years on

Yes, I am still very much into the TradFi game as I am into Crypto DeFi/CeFi. I don’t believe in zero sum games. I believe that TradFi, DeFi and CeFi can all co-exist. Having recently crossed the 2 year mark of investing with Autowealth, I thought it might be good to to do a quick … Read more

Income Updates – Q2 2021

3 months just flew by. It is time for another Quarterly update. Let’s go. Work Income No changes to that. I took a 20% pay cut to work 4 days work week. And I’m loving it! Alternative income stream 1. INTEREST AND DIVIDEND FROM STOCKS/BONDS Dividend from stocks – SGD$1,186 Interest from bonds – SGD$97.17 … Read more

Income Updates – Q1 2021

My company does a business update every quarter. I thought, it would be fun to start one as well. I can’t believe that we are already at Q2 of 2021. Where did the time go? This is a good reminder that time is a limited resource, you can’t earn more or get it back once … Read more

The GameStop Dilemma

What is happening to GameStop at the moment seems like a classic case of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Should you sell or hold? What is the Prisoner’s Dilemma? Imagine, me and my lover robbed a bank. We were caught, but the police has no evidence that we robbed a bank except for our statements against each … Read more

How to save $1000 in 3 simple steps

When I first started working around 20 years ago (yes, I am that old) fresh out of polytechnic, I had zero savings. My first job made $1,200 a month. 2 years in, I still don’t have $1000 in savings in my bank account. I was a spendthrift back then. I was buying new gadgets almost … Read more

My Portfolio as of 2020

Only 3 more weeks before the end of 2020! Where did the year go? I have absolutely no idea. It’s crazy how the year just went by. And I’m hitting the big 40 next year. 🙁 That said, I started this blog in May 2020. Had to change my domain name in Aug 2020 as … Read more