How To Deposit UST On Anchor And Earn Up To 20% APY

With the bank interest rate at less than 1%, I’m always on a lookout for ways to earn more interest. In the Crypto world, earning at least 7% APY on your Stable coins is quite common. These CEFI platforms provides that. BlockFi Celsius Hodlnaut USDT 0 – 50,000 USDT – 7.5% > 50,000 USDT – … Read more

Autowealth Review: 2 years on

Yes, I am still very much into the TradFi game as I am into Crypto DeFi/CeFi. I don’t believe in zero sum games. I believe that TradFi, DeFi and CeFi can all co-exist. Having recently crossed the 2 year mark of investing with Autowealth, I thought it might be good to to do a quick … Read more

ARKX vs UFO – How Similar Are They?

An Overview of ARKX vs UFO ARKX UFO Fund Objective Investment theme of Space Exploration and innovation Tracks SPACE Index Fund Type Active Passive Inception Date 20 Mar 2021 07 May 2018 Expense Ratio 0.75% 0.75% Number of Stocks between 40-55 31 % of 10 largest holdings 53.58% 49.20% AUM $63.34 M $131.96 M as … Read more

Income Updates – Q2 2021

3 months just flew by. It is time for another Quarterly update. Let’s go. Work Income No changes to that. I took a 20% pay cut to work 4 days work week. And I’m loving it! Alternative income stream 1. INTEREST AND DIVIDEND FROM STOCKS/BONDS Dividend from stocks – SGD$1,186 Interest from bonds – SGD$97.17 … Read more

How to Boost Your Rewards On Curve.FI

When I first started using Curve.Fi, it took me a while to understand what each of those figure means on the table. The UI looks like it is from the 1990s. But other than that, I really like using for defi yield farming. CURVE Pools On each pool, you will see a Base APY … Read more

How To Earn Up To 12% Yield From ETH

The easiest way to earn some decent interest from your ETH is to deposit into any of these CeFi platform. You can get from 4.5%-6.5% interest from these platforms. BlockFi Celsius Hodlnaut APY 0 to 15 ETH – 4.5%> 15 to 1000 ETH – 2%> 1,000 ETH and above – 0.5% 5.05% 6.50% As of … Read more