How To import Trust Wallet Onto MetaMask On Chrome

This guide assumes that you already have Trust Wallet set up and installed on your phone. 1. Install MetaMask extension from on your chrome browser. 2. Once installed, it should bring you to a welcome page to add or create a new wallet. 3. Click on Import Wallet 4. To retrieve your Secret Recovery … Read more

How To Convert SGD to UST (TERRAUSD) On Gemini

Recently, Gemini announced that they are supporting UST in their platform. This guide will show you how to convert your SGD (Singapore Dollar) to UST (TerraUSD). By the way, here is my referral link for Gemini if you don’t already have an account, where both you and I will earn USD$10 in bitcoin when you trade USD$100 … Read more

Solana: How To Earn More Than 6% interest On Your SOL

Currently, you can earn around 6% interest on your SOL token by staking on FTX exchange (referral link). You can also stake your SOL on Lido Finance, for approx. 5.8% APR. (Rates are accurate as of 16 Sep 2021). However, by staking on Lido Finance, you can stack your stSOL and earn more rewards in … Read more

Solana: How To Revoke Permission On Phantom Wallet

Recently, I clicked on a phishing link for a Star Atlas Airdrop. So basically, when you are at the site, there is a button to claim airdrop for 0.1 Sol. Once you clicked on the Button, and if you approved the transaction, it will drain all your SOL tokens in your wallet. Here’s what you … Read more

ARKK vs ARKF – Which Is Better?

ARK Invest has some of the most popular ETFs focusing on disruptive innovation. If you have invested in any of the active ARK ETFs a year ago in 2020, you would have been in profit at least 70% or more. Fret not, it is always better to be late than never. Choosing an ETF to … Read more

Ethereum: How To Buy defi5 Token From Uniswap

In the traditional financial world, we can invest in ETFs to get diversification with a small amount of money. Similarly, in the crypto currency world, we can do that too. Introducing Indexed where you can gain exposure to passively-managed crypto index portfolios represented by a single token. Why buy an index token rather than buying … Read more

Autowealth Review: 2 years on

Yes, I am still very much into the TradFi game as I am into Crypto DeFi/CeFi. I don’t believe in zero sum games. I believe that TradFi, DeFi and CeFi can all co-exist. Having recently crossed the 2 year mark of investing with Autowealth, I thought it might be good to to do a quick … Read more

ARKX vs UFO – How Similar Are They?

An Overview of ARKX vs UFO ARKX UFO Fund Objective Investment theme of Space Exploration and innovation Tracks SPACE Index Fund Type Active Passive Inception Date 20 Mar 2021 07 May 2018 Expense Ratio 0.75% 0.75% Number of Stocks between 40-55 31 % of 10 largest holdings 53.58% 49.20% AUM $63.34 M $131.96 M as … Read more