Affiliate/Referral Links

I only recommend products and services that I have used personally.

Financial Products

  • Kristal.AI
    I use Kristal.AI for the purpose of setting up a recurring investment plan (or as they call Systematic Investment Plan) into the ARKW ETF. They have a wide selection of ETFs that you choose from. And the best part is, there is no cost at all for AUM under USD$50k USD$10k. (this has been reduced in 2021)
  • Endowus
    Endowus is a MAS-licensed investment advisor that helps us invest our CPF, SRS, and cash savings in globally diversified portfolios.
    I personally use Endowus to invest part of my CPF OA monies.
    When you sign up and fund your account, we each get $10,000 in assets advised for free for 6 months. 

Crypto Products

  • BlockFi
    Earn up to 4.5% interest on your Bitcoin and 8% on your stable coins.
    I use BlockFi park some of my excess cash in stable coins to earn 8% interest.
  • Celsius (enter my referral code: 154600a7b2, if link doesn’t work)
    Earn up to 6.12% interest on your Bitcoin and up to 8.88% on your stable coins.
  • Hodlnaut
    Earn up to 6.5% interest on your ETH, and up to 12% on your stable coins.
    I use Hodlnaut to earn interest on my ETH mainly. Always good to spread my cryptos between platforms.
    When you sign up, you will receive a US$20 signup bonus after making an initial deposit equivalent of US$1000 on any of our supported assets. Bonus payouts are paid in the same asset deposited.
  • Gemini
    Earn $10 USD in bitcoin when you trade $100 USD in 30 days.
    Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD 🙂
  • Binance
    Largest Crypto exchange.
  • FTX
    You get 5% off your trading fees.
  • Lido ETH2.0 Staking
    Stake any amount of ETH and earn daily staking rewards. Put your staked ETH to work across DeFi to compound your yield.

Non Financial Products

  • Perk Coffee
    If you fancy some good coffee, but doesn’t want to pay $5 a cup for one, why not try Perk Coffee. I personally subscribed to their ground coffee every 2 weeks to get my caffeine fix when working from home.
  • Book Depository
    I buy physical books from here. They offer free shipping to Singapore, and I have found out that most of the times, the books are much cheaper than buying from a local store. And of course titles that you can’t find locally, you would be able to find them here.
  • Bluehost
    If you are looking for a web host to host your blog or site, I’ll recommend Bluehost. This site is hosted via Bluehost. They offer free Domain Name too.
  • Ezoic
    Looking to monetize your blog? Why not start out with Ezoic? Previously Ezoic requires a min10k page views for new sign ups. But now, they no longer impose this page view limits for new sign ups. So what are you waiting for?