How To Earn Up To 57% APY By Staking Your 1Inch Tokens

With the crypto going into a sideways market for now, I wanted to earn some interest on the existing tokens that I had. I found out that you can stake your 1Inch token on the 1Inch exchange to earn governance rewards. This is different from the liquidity mining where you might be subject to impermanent … Read more

How To Stake BNB From Trust Wallet On Your iPhone?

This guide assumes that you already have BNB (BEP2) available in your in your trust wallet. If not, you can check out this guide on how to send BNB from binance to your trust wallet. Before staking, you should check out this doc to understand more about being a delegator. 1. On your trust wallet, … Read more

VGT vs QQQ – Which is a better ETF?

An Overview Of VGT vs QQQ VGT QQQ Benchmark Index MSCI US Investable Market IT 25/50 Index Nasdaq-100 Index Style Passive Passive Inception Date 26 Jan 2004 10 Mar 1999 Expense Ratio 0.10% 0.20% Number of Stocks 345 102 % of 10 largest holdings 56% 52.2% Dividend Yield 0.81% 0.48% AUM $41.6 B $158.75 B … Read more

How to Connect to PancakeSwap Using Trust Wallet On Your IPhone

This guide assumes that you have the latest version of Trust Wallet App (no in app browser) installed on your IPhone, and you have a wallet setup. Refer here for older version guide (with in app browser). 1. On Safari browser, go to, click on Connect. 2. Select WalletConnect. 3. Select Trust. 4. Select … Read more

Income Updates – Q1 2021

My company does a business update every quarter. I thought, it would be fun to start one as well. I can’t believe that we are already at Q2 of 2021. Where did the time go? This is a good reminder that time is a limited resource, you can’t earn more or get it back once … Read more

VGT vs XLK – What is the difference?

Technology is ingrain in most parts of our daily life now. We use our phones to catch up on news, buy our groceries online, and are able to work remotely thanks to the technologies available. It is no wonder that most investor would want to include tech stocks in their portfolio. In this article, we … Read more