July 2023 Portfolio Update

It’s time for the half a year portfolio review. I love doing reviews on a green week. And what a difference 6 months made. You can check out my previous update here. There are basically 3 components to my portfolio. Income Portfolio I went crazy with the income portfolio these past 6 months. I bought … Read more

Alternative Income Update – Q1 2023

New year, new quarter, let’s go. Yep, total alternative income came up to SGD $7,879. Unfortunately, I still made most of my alt income from crypto. These only included amounts that I have cashed out to my bank. Crypto This will most likely just be a one time occurrence. I cashed out 70% of my … Read more

How I am buying my Crypto bags (Feb 2023 Update)

February was an interesting month. We had the BUSD FUD, which in turn led to a Binance FUD again. It’s all so tiresome, so I had fun transferring assets in and out of Binance again. And I am still bot trading using Bitsgap (read about my bot trading experience). This is my result for Feb. … Read more

How I am buying my crypto bags (Jan 2023 update)

I wrote about how I am buying my crypto bags this crypto winter. I stopped doing that when the Binance FUD happened last month. Now that the dust has settled, and Binance seems to be still operational, I have restarted my bot trading using Bitsgap (read about my bot trading experience). This time round, there … Read more

The 2 most Important Lessons I’ve Learnt in Crypto

Do not lock your tokens I repeat, do not lock your tokens no matter how tempting the rewards are. I learnt this the hard way with my $CRV tokens. I bought a bunch of $CRV at $0.70-$0.80 back in 2021. And being new to crypto, I was exploring the curve.finance’s eco system, and learnt about … Read more

How I Use ChatGPT For Work

I know a lot people use Chat GPT for blog content creation. It’s a wonderful tool to assist you with blog posts, ideas or outlines when you are stuck. But did you know you can use Chat GPT for more than blog posts? I’m a Software Engineer in Test, which basically means, I write codes … Read more