December 2023 Portfolio Update

It’s the most wonderful time of the year~~~ I love December.

And it’s time for another bi annual update. You can check out my previous update here.

My Portfolio is made up of 3 components: Income, Growth and Crypto.


I’ve made some changes to this portfolio. Initially, the plan was to just add SG Banks, REITs and Bonds.

In the last couple of months, I have added a Dividend ETF component to it. This is mainly for diversification away from SG assets. This now makes up a fifth of the portfolio.

On average, this portfolio should generate at least 4% yield going forward.


I actually didn’t do much with this portfolio, except to add more S&P 500 index ETF when the market pulled back around Oct-Nov.

I found this site which features the Fear and Greed Index to be a good indicator of when to add on more to your portfolio. Buy when there’s fear or extreme fear in case you didn’t know 🙂

Compared to my portfolio in July, where individual stocks only made up 15% of my portfolio, this has ballooned to 36% of the entire Growth portfolio. I will be monitoring, when to rebalance, or take profit.


A lot of misses in crypto.

Guess what, my ETH bag finally …. 1x. This is considered very poor performance in crypto. It just feels like every thing is pumping very hard except for ETH. ;(

What happened to ultrasound money?

ETH has been deflationary since merge. Somebody, please pump my bags!

And I forgot to claim my $TIA airdrop.

And my Dino bag of LDO and CRV did nothing.

And there you have it. Only in crypto would you feel unhappy with a 100% gain.

I need more time away from Crypto Twitter. Comparison is the thief of joy.


This is how my current allocation looks like.


PortfolioP/L %inc Dividend or Interest %

Total portfolio is up 12.34%. Pretty average returns.

Maybe I should have just bought S&P500 and I would have the same kind or even more returns. But then, I would have nothing to write about, if I just bought S&P500! 😀

Until next time. Happy holidays!