Income Updates – Q2 2021

3 months just flew by. It is time for another Quarterly update. Let’s go.

Work Income

No changes to that. I took a 20% pay cut to work 4 days work week. And I’m loving it!

Alternative income stream


  • Dividend from stocks – SGD$1,186
  • Interest from bonds – SGD$97.17

I have a confession to make. I sold off most of my bank stocks and REITs in May. So from next quarter, there will be min. dividend from this stream.

2. Interest From Crypto

  • Total – USD$305.36
    • Celsius – USD$117.88
    • Blockfi – USD$187.48

Like I mentioned, I’ve sold off most of my banks and REITs stocks. And I’ve move part of the funds over to this stream. So will be expecting more interest in the next quarter, unless Celsius and BlockFi starts cutting interest again.

3. Ad Revenue

I’m really surprised by the revenue generated by this stream. My payout for this quarter is:

USD $381.46.

I’m very happy with the progress. I started this blog last year during the pandemic. I think it is paying off now.

4. Referrals

First up, I just want to say thank you to all who used my referral to sign up with Blockfi, Celsius, Endowus and Gemini.

  • BlockFi – USD$320 (worth of BTC)
  • Celsius – USD$220 (worth of BTC)
  • Endowus – SGD$40
  • Gemini – USD$70 (worth of BTC)

This stream generated USD$610 worth of BTC, though i think it might be worth lesser now 😉

5. Defi/Cefi Staking/LP

If you have been following my post, you will know that I’ve been staking CAKE on PancakeSwap, BNB using Trustwallet, ETH with Lido, being a Liquidity Provider on Curve.Fi.

I find that now is a good time to dab into Ethereum Defi projects, because the gas fees are sooooo cheap, compared to a couple months ago. Do check out some of my posts on Curve.Fi.

I didn’t add any income from this stream for this quarter, as I was mainly testing things out. I should be able to include income from this stream for the next quarter.


My total alternative income for Q2 works out to be SGD$3020 vs Q1’s SGD$1885!

This is an increase of 60% compared to Q1. So excited for Q3’s income! Rock on 2021!