BSC: How To Harvest Your ReWards From PancakeSwap Using Trust Wallet on Your IPhone

This guide assumes that you have the latest version of Trust Wallet App (no in app browser) installed on your IPhone, and you have a wallet setup.

First up, follow this guide to connect your trust wallet to PancakeSwap, if you are not already connected.

[If you have multiple pools or farms to collect your rewards from, I’ll recommend going to the individual pool or farms to harvest your rewards instead of using Harvest All button.

So in my case, I should get prompt 2 different transaction because I’m trying to collect from different farms/pools. But when I use harvest all, it always prompts only 1 transaction, and that transaction is always from the same pool. So I can never fully harvest my rewards.]

1. Click on menu, go to Pools or Farms (depending on where your are collecting your rewards from)

2. Toggle to Staked Only. You should see how much rewards you can harvest. Click on Collect.

3. You can choose to Compound or Harvest. I’m going to go with Harvest. And Confirm.

4. You should get a prompt from your trust wallet app to Confirm the transaction. Click Send, and wait for the transaction to be executed.

5. Once the transaction is executed, you can switch back to your browser. In my case, the site wasn’t refreshed. So just Close Window and hit the Refresh icon. You will see that your reward has been reduced/claimed.

6. Switch back to your Trust Wallet, and look for the token (in my case Pancakeswap token).

Sometime, you will not see the token reflected. Fret not, just go to the token, and refresh, and you should see the amount updated correctly.

And that’s it. Easy peasy.