How to buy Kujira Token on Osmosis – Step by Step Guide

I have found the easiest way to get $KUJI Tokens is to buy $ATOM from an exchange like FTX or Binance, transfer the $ATOM over Cosmos network, and then swap your $ATOM for $KUJI in Osmosis Frontier.

Here is the step by step guide.

Prerequisite: Buy $ATOM from any exchange.

1. Transfer $ATOM to your Cosmos address.

In this example. I’m using the Kelpr Wallet. Select Cosmos Hub. Copy your Cosmos address (starts with cosmos….), and withdraw $ATOM to this address.

2. Go to Connect your Keplr Wallet.

3. Once connected, deposit your $ATOM into Osmosis.

4. Go to Swap, and swap your $ATOM for $KUJI.

If you don’t have any $OSMO for fees, just select low for $0 fees.

5. Once done, go to Assets, and you should see you $KUJI. You can then withdraw this to your Kujira address.

You can then go to to stake your $KUJI.