What is the big deal about Quiet Quitting?

When I first read about quiet quitting, I thought that sounds like I am just doing my job.

What is quiet quitting? My understanding of it is, just doing what is required of your job’s responsibility, but not going above and beyond what is expected.

What is so bad about that? Nothing, in my opinion. If you are happy with your scope of work, and not looking to be promoted, why should you go above and beyond?

It’s like going into McDonald’s, paying for a Big Mac and expecting them to give you 2 Big Mac because they should do more than expected.

I have had experiences where, although I’m not looking for a promotion, I would volunteer to help out new or difficult tasks just to pick up new skills. And after that, I would noticed these tasks will automatically come my way. And boy do I deserve a pay raise for all that work. So yep, I don’t go above and beyond my expected tasks anymore.

I guess I am at the stage where I am happy with my scope of work. I don’t want to be promoted or take on extra workload. I value work life balance more.

At the end of the day, it is all about a pay check. Want more pay check? Go above and beyond your tasks. Happy with your pay? Just do what is required of your job.

By the way, I don’t think I am a quiet quitter. I am always doing more than expected. In case you haven’t noticed, Singapore’s latest inflation rate is at 7.5%. I really should be doing 7.5% lesser than what I am doing now. My labor cost has also inflated. 🙂