How I Use ChatGPT For Work

I know a lot people use Chat GPT for blog content creation. It’s a wonderful tool to assist you with blog posts, ideas or outlines when you are stuck.

But did you know you can use Chat GPT for more than blog posts?

I’m a Software Engineer in Test, which basically means, I write codes to catch bugs. Occasionally, I write tools to facilitate processes too.

Recently I was given a task to extract a value from JIRA(a project tracking platform) from a string of text.

I was not familiar with JIRA’s API calls, so I asked Chat GPT for help.

It pretty much wrote most of the code for me. I just have to modify it to return the value I wanted.

Of course I could have read the API docs from JIRA to figure out how to do it. But but… why work hard when you can work smart? 😛

I also needed a method to extract the issueKey from a string of text. So I asked my new colleague to do it.

Quite decent output.

But if you start adding more conditions, this is where I noticed, it’s not that accurate.

You can correct the AI, and it will suggest the changes you can make. Pretty interesting.

I am loving my new colleague.

I can even ask her on how to sound smart during a meeting.

Love it or hate it, I think AI is here to stay, some say take over the world. Until that happens, learn how to use it to your advantage.