Solana: How To Revoke Permission On Phantom Wallet

Recently, I clicked on a phishing link for a Star Atlas Airdrop. So basically, when you are at the site, there is a button to claim airdrop for 0.1 Sol. Once you clicked on the Button, and if you approved the transaction, it will drain all your SOL tokens in your wallet.

Here’s what you need to do immediately, when you realized you have approved a shady transaction.


Click on the Wheel icon -> Trusted Apps -> Revoke

How to protect your assets in Phantom Wallet

  • Always create a burner wallet for any NFT Airdrops and only transfer the amount that is needed. Do not FOMO into it.
  • Disable DM on your discord, and do not click on any links on the chat. Only click on links from official announcements.
  • Always revoke access after every drop. (Click on the Wheel icon -> Trusted Apps -> Revoke)
  • Lastly, never ever show your secret recovery phrase to anyone claiming to offer assistance

Stay safe!