How to avoid being retrenched?

Steps that I’m currently taking to avoid being retrenched and to stop relying on only one source of income

How to simplify your finances

As a mother of a two and half year old toddler, carving personal time outside of work is hard enough, let alone making time to sort out my personal finances. This is why it is important to simplify your finances to save as much time you can. Have an account for savings and an account … Read more

How to become Financial Independence?

We all know the formula to Financial Independence is to have your passive income greater than your expenses. How do we go about doing that? I like to break this down into 3 parts. Reducing expenses Where is your money going? The first step to becoming financial independence is to reduce your expenses. In order … Read more

Why Financial Independence?

I do not like working from home. That doesn’t mean I like working in office either. I always thought having the flexibility of remote work meant that I do not mind working as long as I can work from home. There are parts of my job that I enjoy, and there are areas that I … Read more