Income Updates – Q3 2021

Another 3 months gone, and it’s time for another quarterly update!

Work Income

No changes. I’m contemplating 3 days work week next year if my company allows it.

Alternative Income stream

  1. Interest/Dividend from Stocks/Bonds – SGD$44.8
  2. Interest from CEFI Crypto platforms – USD$1131.714
  3. Ad Revenue – USD$898.13
  4. Referrals – USD$520 worth of BTC and SGD$60
  5. DEFI Staking/LP – USD$925

Going forward, there will be no income from Stocks/Bonds, as I have sold off all my Singapore Banks and REITs stocks. That doesn’t mean I am no longer invested in stocks. I still have 50% of my portfolio sitting in some overseas ETFs. However these ETFs doesn’t generate much yield, so I won’t be adding them as a source of income.

This will however be replaced by the DEFI Staking/LP income stream. At the moment, I’m just including rewards that I’ve claimed and converted into USDC. I haven’t been able to claim rewards that are sitting on the Ethereum network because of the high gas fees.


My total alternative income for Q3 sits at SGD$4726 vs Q2’s SGD$3020.

This is an increase of 56% compared to Q2’s income. Can it continue to go UPONLY? Can’t wait for Q4’s income stream.