How To Withdraw AVAX When Binance’s AVAXC network withdrawal is Suspended

Recently, I bought some AVAX from Binance, and wanted to transfer them over to my AVAX C Chain wallet, only to realize that the AVAX C Chain network on Binance is suspended.

This is a quick guide on how you can withdraw AVAX to your AVAX C Chain wallet from Binance even when the AVAX C Chain network is suspended.

Note: This will only work if the AVAX network is still available.

1. Create a native Avalanche Wallet (if you don’t already have one) from

Do note down the key phrases and store them in a secure place.

2. Once the wallet is created, you should be able to see the X-chain address. Copy the X-Chain address.

3. On Binance, withdraw your AVAX, and select AVAX network. Paste the X-Chain address and Withdraw. Wait for withdrawal to complete.

4. Once transferred, you should see the amount of AVAX under X Chain. Click on Cross Chain. This is where you are transfer from X Chain to C Chain.

5. Once done, you should see the AVAX balance reflected under C Chain.

6. You can then transfer your AVAX to your other C-Chain wallet (e.g. Metamask wallet).

Note: I transferred 1 AVAX from Binance, and ended with 0.98734375 AVAX in my C Chain wallet. So method might cost more transaction fee when compared to transferring directly to C Chain network on Binance.