Ethereum: How To Buy defi5 Token From Uniswap

[Update as of 19 Oct 2021]: Indexed Finance DEFI5 and CC10 pools were hacked. More information here. In the traditional financial world, we can invest in ETFs to get diversification with a small amount of money. Similarly, in the crypto currency world, we can do that too. Introducing Indexed where you can gain exposure to … Read more

Ethereum: How To Earn Up To 12% Yield From ETH

The easiest way to earn some decent interest from your ETH is to deposit into any of these CeFi platform. You can get from 4.5%-6.5% interest from these platforms. BlockFi Celsius Hodlnaut APY 0 to 15 ETH – 4.5%> 15 to 1000 ETH – 2%> 1,000 ETH and above – 0.5% 5.05% 6.50% As of … Read more