TransferWise To BlockFi (SIngapore Users) – Is This a Cheaper Option?

I’ve been using DBS remit to convert my SGD to USD and sending it over to Blockfi. I wonder if there is a better way to do it, so that I get more favorable rate than the DBS exchange rate.

I know Transferwise offers very competitive exchange rate. So I decided to try Sending SGD to Transferwise -> Converting to USD -> Sending USD back to DBS USD Account.

In case you are wondering, why don’t I just use Transferwise to remit directly to Blockfi? Here’s why.


  1. Opening a Transferwise account: This was all done online, and I got my account opened within a day. If you are interested in opening one, here’s my link to signup, where you get free international transfer of up to SGD$900.
  2. Opening a USD Account with DBS: DBS has this multicurrency account called MY ACCOUNT. There is no minimum balance, no initial deposits, or fall-below fees, ever. You can instantly open one via online banking services.

1. Sending SGD to Transferwise

On Transferwise, you initial a Add funds to your SGD account. You can then make payment via these options:

  • PayNow (0 fee)
  • Manual transfer from bank account (0 fee)
  • Debit card (2.62% variable fee )
  • Credit card (2.62% variable fee )
Transferwise Payment Type

2. Converting SGD to USD

Transferwise charges a conversion fee of 0.44% for SGD to USD conversion.

3. Sending USD Back to DBS USD Account

In my example, I sent USD $57.44 back to my DBS USD Account. And I ended up with USD $41.56 in my account.

Breakdown of fees incurred during transferring of USD back to DBS Account

Exchange rate comparison between Transferwise vs DBS

This rate was captured at the point of writing this article

Transferwise Rate: 1 SGD = 0.75050 USD
DBS Rate: 1 SGD = 0.745299 USD

We can see that Transferwise offers a more favorable exchange rate.

In this case, is it better to go through the route of Sending SGD to Transferwise -> Converting to USD -> Sending USD back to DBS USD Account -> Remit to Blockfi?

Let’s look at the total fees that you will incurred with Transferwise.


Based on the tables above, we can conclude that if you are only sending smaller amount, just go with DBS Remit.

But if you are sending $10,000 or more at once, Transferwise might be a cheaper option here.

Lastly, if you are interested in opening a BlockFi account, you can sign up via this referral link. You will get USD$10 in BTC when you deposit USD$100 or more into your BlockFi Interest account.

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8 thoughts on “TransferWise To BlockFi (SIngapore Users) – Is This a Cheaper Option?”

  1. hi suz,

    do you know if we can get the ruby card without staking at cdc? as the cro value fell?
    will like to convert from luna/ust etc and spend from the usdc, though ive not gone to the platform yet not sure abt the conversion.

    • Hi,
      nope, you need to stake $500 worth of CRO in order to get Ruby card. If you don’t want to stake, then can try the Midnight Blue card

  2. Hi, how do you send USD back to dbs “my account”? Is your DBS account registered under WISE as account to receive SGD?

    • Hi yes,
      you can link your SGD bank account to receive SGD. And you can also link your USD account (DBS My Account) to received USD.

  3. Hi, from your experience, DBS Remit USD to BlockFi to top up, is there any charges for the TT transfer of USD? Understand that DBS Remit does not charge a fee. Thank you.

    • Hey, yep when you remit USD to blockfi using DBS, there are no charges from DBS.

  4. Hi, do you ever try dbs to ibkr to blockfi?


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