Solana: How To Earn More Than 6% interest On Your SOL

Currently, you can earn around 6% interest on your SOL token by staking on FTX exchange (referral link).

You can also stake your SOL on Lido Finance, for approx. 5.8% APR. (Rates are accurate as of 16 Sep 2021).

However, by staking on Lido Finance, you can stack your stSOL and earn more rewards in SBR tokens by providing liquidity on Saber.

Disclaimer: As with all Defi platforms, there is always smart contract risks, so always do your own research before putting money in.

Here’s how.

1. Stake half the SOL amount that you have on Lido Finance.

Upon approval, you should receive 20 stSOL in your wallet.

2. Head on to Saber Pool. Look for the stSOL-SOL Pool and click on Deposit. Enter an equal amount of stSOL and SOL and Deposit.

3. Upon confirmation, you should receive stSOL-SOL LP Tokens. Click on the link to farm SBR, or navigate to SABER FARM to stake stSOL-SOL LP Token.

4. Deposit your LP tokens. Once done, you should see your liquidity staked. And you will be able to Claim any SBR rewards from here.

6. Lastly, you can head on to Serum DEX to trade your SBR tokens for USDC.

And this is how you can earn more than 6% of interest on your SOL tokens.