Ethereum: How to Boost Your Rewards On Curve.FI

When I first started using Curve.Fi, it took me a while to understand what each of those figure means on the table. The UI looks like it is from the 1990s. But other than that, I really like using for defi yield farming.


On each pool, you will see a Base APY (self explanatory), and a Rewards APY.

Base APY is what you will get for providing liquidity to this pool.

After providing liquidity, you can choose to stake your LP tokens in the gauge. This is where the Rewards APY come in for staking your LP tokens.

In this example, the Rewards APY is +20.50%->51.24% CRV. This means that you will get a min 20.50% of rewards APY in CRV tokens by staking your LP tokens. This reward can be boosted to 51.24%. In Curve, you can boost your rewards by staking CRV tokens. More on that later.

The my: 22.54% CRV refers to my current rewards APY. You will only see this if you provided Liquidity to this pool.

In some pools, you can also get rewards in form of other tokens.

In this example, the Rewards APY includes LDO tokens. So this means, you get rewards in the form of CRV and LDO tokens.

Boosting Your Rewards

One of the incentive of using CURVE is the ability to boost your rewards. You can earn a boost of up to 2.5x on the liquidity that you are providing.

In order to do that, you need to have veCRV tokens. You get these tokens when you lock up your CRV tokens.

Locking your CRV token

Navigate to

In this example, you can see that I have 4116.57 CRV Locked until 2025. In exchange for locking my CRV, I have 4082.30 veCRV. The longer the lock, the more veCRV tokens you get.

On top of boosting your rewards, 50% of trading fees goes to veCRV holders, and you can also participate in votes with veCRV tokens.

How to boost your rewards

Different pools has different amount of veCRV needed to earn boost. To check out how much veCRV is needed to get the max boost, you can go to

In this example, for the Tricrypto pool, the max boost possible is 2.5x.

In order to get the max boost, I need to have the min of 10,710.98 veCRV for Max boost. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much veCRV, so I will not be able to earn the max boost.

Using this Calculator, I can check how much boost I can earn with my current veCRV tokens.

How to apply your boost

Navigate to again. Look for your Pool, in my case it’s tricrypto Pool gauge.

My current boost is 1.0997x. Because I just added locked up some CRV tokens, I have earn a new boost of 1.5715x that I have not applied yet. To apply the future boost, I will need to Claim 12.04 CRV.

After applying boost, you can see that my CRV APY is now 31.69%.

My Dashboard

Navigate to, click on My Dashboard.

This is where you can view all your earnings for the pools that you have provided Liquidity on. These APYs do fluctuates depending on volume.

Claiming your Tokens

Claim your LP Pool Rewards

Go to You can either claim from all the gauges if you have more than 1.

Or claim separately.

Claim your veCRV 3pool LP tokens

Go to Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see this if you have any rewards to claim. This is the fees for providing liquidity to the pool. You can swap these tokens for any of the stablecoin in 3pool LP

And that’s it, let me know if there’s any thing else that I’ve missed.

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