How Much I Made From Staking Wonderland Time For A month

I started staking TIME on Wonderland around a month ago. My strategy (I think so is everyone’s) is to get my initial investment back, and just let the rest roll.

I started out with 1 TIME. It cost around $7500 per TIME when I bought it.

TIME is not for the faint hearted. After I bought TIME, the price dropped to a low of ~$5200, before it went back up.

In about 25 days, I made 0.5 TIME. Price per TIME was around $9000.

That was when I decided to take some profit off. My initial plan was to only withdraw when I have made 1 TIME. But having gone through a bit of a roller coaster ride on the price of TIME, I thought it would be better to take some risk off.

I still had 1 TIME staked in Wonderland at this point of time. So what I have sold off are the TIME that I have earned from staking. This netted me $4500.

7 days later, I sold another 0.27 TIME. This netted me $2200.

To date, I have gotten $6700 of my initial investment of $7500 back. So I am left with $700 of my initial investment on TIME. I plan to just risk this $700, and let TIME roll for the next 2 months before selling anymore TIME.

The TLDR version is, I made $6,700 staking TIME in a month (32 days). Am I GMI? 🙂

As always, you should always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. None of the content here should be taken as financial advice.