AVAX: How To Buy And Stake Wonderland Time Token

This post will guide you on how to buy TIME token (Wonderland) on TraderJoe.

Time Token Contract Address: 0xb54f16fB19478766A268F172C9480f8da1a7c9C3 (Avalanche C Chain)

Wonderland sits on the Avalanche network. This is my suggested route to buying TIME and staking TIME.

Binance.com -> Buy AVAX -> Transfer via Avalanche C Chain to Metamask wallet (or any wallet that supports Avalanche C Chain) -> Buy TIME -> Stake TIME

1. Buy AVAX from Binance.com (or any other exchange that supports Avalanche C Chain network).

2. Withdraw AVAX using AVAXC (AVAX C-Chain) network. (Find out how to withdraw when Binance’s C chain is suspended)

3. On MetaMask wallet, Click the Network drop-down -> Select Custom RPC and Add the following

  • Network Name: Avalanche Network
  • New RPC URL: https://api.avax.network/ext/bc/C/rpc
  • ChainID: 43114
  • Symbol: AVAX
  • Explorer: https://snowtrace.io/

(source: https://support.avax.network/en/articles/4626956-how-do-i-set-up-metamask-on-avalanche)

4. After adding the Avalanche Network, you should see the AVAX token show on your metamask.

5. Go to TraderJoe to buy TIME Token

(Remember to have at least 0.2 AVAX in the wallet for transaction fees)

6. Once the transaction completes successful, you should see your TIME token in your metamask wallet

7. Go to Wonderland and Stake your TIME Token.

(Note: because I have staked TIME before, in my screenshot, I will see the Stake TIME button. If you are doing it for the first time, you should see the Approve TIME button. You need to Approve TIME before you can Stake Time.)

Your TIME token are now staked. You will receive MEMORY(MEMO) token in return. These can be unstaked 1:1 for TIME token later.